Guide to Local Runs In Windsor

The Long Walk

Please note this is a “work in progress” and as such I would be grateful for any comments, suggestions or even corrections you find.

Leaving from : The Castle Gates at the top of the Long Walk

The view of Windsor Castle from the Long Walk

Total Time : 40 minutes Approx.
Total Distance : 5 miles (7.5 Km)

A really wonderful run, easily done on the grass. The first gate marks the rough quarter distance at about 1.5 miles. Note, in winter this gate is locked after sunset as it marks the boundary of the deer park.
The run up to the Copper Horse statue itself adds the essential extra to make it a full 5 mile run. At the top and slightly over the other side you will be able to see Royal Lodge where the Queen Mother used to live (and in fact died) and is now the residence of Prince Andrew - it used to be painted pink and for some strange reason Prince Andrew has now had it painted white!
On your way back try and keep going past the Windsor Castle pub on the left, but you will notice the green copper roof of Queen Victoria's Mausoleum, Frogmore, Windsor where she was buried with her husband, Albert, on 4th February 1901.

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Courtesy of Paul Fogg at Langton House Bed & Breakfast, Windsor.

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