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British Leisure Show 2010

It was with great pleasure that I attended the event over the weekend of 19 to 21 March this year.
There was so much to see and do at the show, plenty for anyone with serious money and even those of us with just a passing interest in some of the many various things occurring such as the motor homes or bungee jumping!
I can not wait for next year and I’ll be making sure I get there a little earlier this time so I get a full day at the show!

Windsors New Brewery

After 79 years we are eagerly awaiting the opening of the new brewery in Windsor.
They are aiming to open in April…
I shall do my best to give a full review of the product!

What a great prospect! A full size Hawker Hurricane model in Alexandra Gardens as a memorial to Sir Sydney Camm.

This project is currently looking for sponsorship from local businesses and individuals, so if anyone feels particularly rich, get in touch and help this brilliant project.


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Christmas is coming….

With Christmas in Windsor fast approaching, the anual Reindeer parade and Xmas lights switch on is getting organised.

After seeing this one year it is a great event for the kids to see Father Christmas with his sleigh being pulled by real reindeer down the street. The route is absolutely mobbed by people so get your place early. Saturday 5th December is the date for the parade at 2pm in Peascod Street.

There are plans afoot to make the lower end Of Peascod Street pedestrian only. By moving a bus stop the local council intend to make the final section of this street at long last friendly to the public.

This move has in general been welcome and wanted by the local shops for many years but has been opposed by certain groups. The problem as I have seen it is that as someone walks down the hill they stop where the road begins thinking that is the end of the shopping area. By continuing the scheme this should increase the footfall to the lower end of the road and help the local businesses.

With over 400 cases of sickness now reported, I can feel only immensely sad at the continued closure of this excellent restaurant. I think that any person who attains these levels as Heston Blumenthal has in bringing such a wonderful dining experience to us, he deserves the support of the public.

This unfortunate episode could well spell the end of the Fat Duck as a going concern. I personally hope that Heston can come back from this, but with his reputation potentially in tatters it will be hard. As a fellow self employed person I realise how hard it is to get by in this country, especially in the current economic climate.

I wish all the people who have been made ill a speedy recovery and I wish Heston all the best in getting his business back running again in the future.

Town centre retail changes

With the current economic climate it is sad but Windsor has recently lost one of the major town centre retailers – Woolworths has closed and we can only hope that this is one of the last, although I sadly doubt it.
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The Harte and Garter Hotel

Recently reported in the local press that this hotel was up for sale as the holding company was going into administration, but now it has apparently been sold and will not be closed and more importantly the staff have safe jobs.

Winter is coming…

As Autumn approaches and the leaves start to fall, Windsor becomes more of a local town again, with less tourists during the week, although any Sunday when the sun shines brings hugh numbers on coach and train trips from London.

With still a few local sporting events to come and some great November firework displays, there is more than enough still to look forward to this year.

Well this is a very small and seemingly private affair….set out in the Windsor Great Park, this hardly advertised event seems small by the scale of most shows, but I’m sure it is still taken very seriously by the entrants.

How do you find out more about this? I have no idea! I have fallen across it a couple of times but never seen anything advertised locally.

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