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About Windsor Information

Windsor Information is all about giving you the most comprehensive information on Windsor, what’s going on, the accommodation, the restaurants and the shops.
If you have any queries or comments add them as a comment below with some contact details and I’ll get back to you.

  • M Sly

    There have been many comments about car parking in Windsor but a word of sincere advice for all tourists looking for a parking place.
    Avoid the Castle car park. This is a short term cark park and charges accordingly. If by any chance that your visit takes 15 minutes longer than anticipated your car will be clamped and you will be forced to pay £120 to have your car released. Go to the long stay car park which is just a little further along the same road.
    Please do not fall into the trap that we fell into.
    You have been warned.

    M. Sly Sunderland

  • Paul

    I totally agree with this point. This car park brings the town into disrepute.

  • Camilla

    Hi Paul, 

    I’d be interested in talking to you about the new look La Tasca restaurant in Windsor. Do you have an email address I can contact you on?


  • Kim

    I was looking to come and stay in Windsor to go to Legoland could you advise me if i travelled by train to Windsor if there are any nearby bed and breakfasts and a local bus service into Legoland?