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Christmas 2013

With New Year almost upon us we look back on a great year in Windsor and look forward to an even better year!

Windsor Parade

On May 19th there will be a Parade of about 2,500 troops through the centre of Windsor to commemorate the Queens Jubilee.

A busy summer in Windsor

So Royal Ascot is over and Wimbledon is upon us. This usually means we are due some rain!
Still plenty of things going on in Windsor and the tourist season has well and truly started.
The 2012 Olympics is now a reality and many hotels and B&B’s are taking bookings as the general public find out if they have the tickets they requested. As I write I have not had mine! So I’m on the look out for the next opportunity to try and buy some for the rowing events in Dorney.

Windsor gets busier

So the really quiet months are behind us and Windsor is looking forward to a busy summer as things slowly start to get busier in town.

Well January is always a quiet month here in Windsor, but this year it seems particularly quiet. The shops, restaurants and B&B’s all seem to be having a hard time with lack of shoppers and I would guess a lack of those shoppers with money to spend.
This month we see mainly local and national people in Windsor and these are the people who have just recently been hit by the rise in VAT on top of all the doom and gloom of the announced cuts to public spending.
I’m guessing that this first quarter in 2011 will be worse than the start of the recession in 2009. I think things will pick up later in the year, the summer will bring the tourists back and I’m sure they will find England a bargain by then!

Tun Cottage Closed

Unfortunately the body of Joanna Brown was found and her estranged husband has been charged with her murder.

Tun Cottage update

WE can only hope that the news will eventually be good for Joanna Brown but it does not look that good at all right now as I write.
I was out for a run yesterday and past some police vehicles out in wooded area at the back of Legoland and then I open the papers today to find that this was the latest area being searched for the body of Joanna.

State Visit October 22

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will welcome the Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and his consort Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned in the town on Tuesday, October 26.
Expect Windsor town centre to be especially busy as this is half term week.

The 18 month project will commence soon and by 2012 will provide 150 bed rooms in the hotel. As much as Windsor can use the extra bed spaces in summer I think this will lead to further reductions in the smaller B&B’s and hotels in the centre of Windsor, especially during the winter months.
I have spoken to one B&B owner who has suggested that her business will start to become season, as she gives up trying to compete during the winter with the likes of the Legoland hotel and the Travelodge.

the initial brew is almost ready! I will do my best to sample it and report back…all in the name of duty, it is a cross I have to bear!
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