Eton College

Eton College was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI as a school for ‘worthy’ boys who had little or no money. The priest of the day would say ‘ this is a good boy’ which is how they got in. You wouldn’t call them under-privileged really. (15th century!) Around 1 in 5 boys get a bursary, or help with the school fees, so the school is still following the Founders intentions

Eton has educated 19 former British Prime Ministers including the Duke of Wellington, Walpole, Pitt the Elder, MacMillan, Douglas-Holme and David Cameron and currently has over 1,300 students.

The Chapel
The most imposing building is without a doubt the Chapel building. Built around 1480 it is a truly magnificent build and well worth a tour.

Eton has a list of facilities that is truly amazing. There is a nine hole golf course, a world class rowing lake, nearly 30 different games on offer, all coached by Eton Masters and professional coaches (a former Olympic swimmer coaches the swimming, Duncan Goodhew for instance).

A Note on touring around Eton College
In my opinion the best way to get a true feel for the college is to just wander around the roads and fields of Eton. The College own, it seems, most of Eton and just by walking down some of the paths and roads you will get to see more than what at first seems a small "school". Many of the buildings are part of the College, sometimes a small black and white sign will give away the uses of a building as a "house" - where the boys live in mixed age groups of 50, sometimes with their very own chef!

Remember on your wandering that Eton is not a University, it is the equivalent to a High School in the USA. Fees are approx £31,000 per year (2012) and you can imagine there are a few extras on top of this!

About The Author
Paul Fogg is the Proprietor at Langton House and has no connections with Eton College.

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